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We cannot wait for you to meet some of the hot girls we have waiting for you at Angels of London. Before we go through the booking process, we want to go over some of the terms. This ensures you know what to expect when you call.

Booking is done over the phone. We will capture basic personal information about you to ensure we know who we are sending one of our girls to. All of this information remains confidential and is never shared. We will ask for your name, as well as a contact phone number. Additionally, we will need to know your address, whether it is your home or hotel, to be able to send the escort to you.

At the time of booking, a credit card is requested. This is never charged unless you are a no-show or make a last-minute cancellation. Cash is the form of payment and this is made when an escort arrives.

She is permitted to give the money to her driver for safe-keeping. The form of currency is Great British Pounds. If you require to make payment in another currency, please inform us of this at the time of booking. This enables us to establish the proper currency exchange. The exchange is based upon the going exchange rate at the time of the booking.

If you have to make a cancellation, please do so as soon as possible. When you book, the escort’s time is reserved for you and you alone. By calling us, we have the ability to book her with someone else. If the cancellation is done at the last minute or you are a no-show, your credit card will be charged to be able to compensate the escort for her time.

It is important to be respectful of the escort at all times. She is there for companionship. What takes place between the two of you is between two consenting adults. Should you have questions, please ask them at the time of booking.

Anything that the two of you do is to be covered by you, financially. This includes going to dinner, having cocktails, going to a theatre, or anything else. She is being paid on companionship only. She should not be out of pocket for any expenses associated with accompanying you anywhere.

Special requests can be made of escorts. This includes lingerie to be worn and/or costumes. If they have the lingerie/costumes, they will wear them. Otherwise, you are requested to provide them.

If you have additional questions about booking terms with Angels of London, please do not hesitate to contact us.